​​Jr. High Camp

What to Expect - Relationships

Each camper is part of a group of 8-12 campers known as a family group.  Each group is led by two counselors who participate in all activities throughout the week.  These groups are assigned by the directors prior to your camper arriving. Campers are with their groups for all morning activities and typically work together during evening activities.  Sunday night, campers are split into groups and participate in a game rotation with an emphasis on learning names and getting to know everyone else in their family groups.  By Monday or Tuesday, each family group participates in a Team Building Experience, a 2-hour period where campers work together to complete tasks of increasing difficulty, in order to break down barriers and build trust and communication.  By the end of the week campers have built lasting relationships with the other members of their groups.

What to Expect - Activities

In addition to worldview training, we provide an ample number of activities to keep youth engaged throughout the week. Activities include:

  • Zip Line
  • Night Games
  • Swimming/Boating
  • Nine Square in the Air
  • Archery
  • Team Building
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Olympics
  • Our Jr. High Original: Bandana Bandit Bonanza

Teens have hard questions about faith. They're bombarded with challenges that they don't know how to answer. And so often parents don't have the resources to help their teens understand what Christians believe and why we can be confident that Christianity is true. Our week is about equipping Jr. High teens to defend their faith and grow more comfortable in articulating it. We go through an array of biblical topics to explain the core tenets of our faith and how to answer common challenges.

2019's curriculum is based on C.S Lewis' book, Mere Christianity. The curriculum walks through five major topics. Throughout the week your student will come to understand what Christians believe, why Christianity is true, and how Christians are called to live.

  • Monday:      What Do Christians Believe?
  • Tuesday:     What is Your Standard? Why Only God Can Make Sense of the World.
  • Wednesday: What Have We to Fear? Ourselves! Making Sense of Christ's Atonement.
  • Thursday:    Little Christs (A Focus on Sanctification).
  • Friday:        How to Love.
  • One logical fallacy is taught each day as well, to help students discern and respond to popular arguments against Christianity.

What do we believe, and why do we believe it?

Will My Child Be Safe?

All volunteers are required to provide both criminal and child abuse background checks. Only those volunteers who have been cleared are allowed to be on the property, and can be easily identified throughout the week. By rule, campers will never be alone with an individual counselor. Volunteers are also vetted to ensure that they affirm major Christian doctrines. There is a full-time nurse on the property throughout the week, and all water activities are supervised by trained lifeguards. 

Where faith meets the heart and ​the mind.